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"Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great."
(Fernando Flores)

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TalEction is a Talent Learning Suite (TLS) - a next generation Human Capital Management (HCM) System based on Learning, Values and Culture.

5.500 Users

20+ different Tests
(research based)

18 different Games
(neuroscience based)

19 different (career) Simulations

Below you can see an overview of all the product-areas that the platform covers, use this as a launchpad for your exploration of TalEction.


Data Collection: Master Data using a variety of Collectors

Factual and bias free - bridging job and people; scientifically validated surveys, tests and games (ex. culture, strategy).

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Recruitment: AI supported Selection of top Talent

Select and Apply our scientifically based AI algorithms to reach top talent and identify and select the right candidates for the job.

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Assessment & Development: Evaluate your employees, teams and unleash their full potential

Organisational-and people assessments, development, appraisals and career planning.

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Brain Training: Game based virtual Brain Training

Fight fear with values, reduce stress, strengthen resilience and get rewarded. Explore and Strengthen: Awareness, Core Skills, Cognitive Flexibility and Attention.

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Readiness: Analyse you own or your employees (teams) ability to reach a target (change)

Impact assessment, measure Business Readiness for a desired Future State (Vision, Strategy).

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Right-Sizing: Analyse and Apply factual smartness to your Organization

Reduce hidden cost (in average 40%). Identify, develop and unleash your employees full potential - and create engagement in the process.

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Change & Performance: Track, Analyse and Manage organizational and individuals progress

Track change journeys, measure effects, develop desired culture - team based learning indicators (potential, progress and target).

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Compensation Management (Under Development): Pay your employees based on their Learning indicators

Pay employees and teams using the Learning indicators (potential, progress and target) as an evidence of adaption, change and high performance.

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Invest in yourself!

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The solution can be used as an End-to-End solution or you can go in a select the individual Steps and Elements you need for a specific purpose ex. if "You want to do a recruitment (candidate selection) based on culture fit alone" or "You have a new vision and strategy and you want to assess your teams readiness for the change journey".

The Challenges

In today's world, your Company is facing a number of Challenges finding the right Talent: Hiring is broken - is unfair and biased. Building awareness on culture and unleashing its potential is hard, difficult and costly. Existing tools are outdated, fragmented and not focused on YOUR NEEDS.

1 out of 4 Recruitments are BAD Hires
8 out of 10 leaders do not understand the Power and Dynamics of Culture
7 out of 10 are Unhappy in their current Job
On average 40% of a companies resource-capacity not in use (hidden cost)

TalEction is addressing these issues by placing YOUR COMPANY on center stage - and giving you the right tools to: Secure that you choose the right persons for the jobs. Make sure that you are aware of the dynamics of your own company and how to unleash its full potential.


What TalEction does different!

TalEction is a smart machine that will work with you as a virtual assistant when: building Awareness, develop your Cognitive Flexibility, develop and use Learning KPI's, Recruting top talent, determening Readiness etc.

The TalEction platform gives you,

  • Access to all functionality for Individuals for your employees, team members and ability to minitor and analyse the group as a whole - at no cost (Free)
  • The possibility to build truly Digitized and Modular Job Profiles (based on best-practice) and the ability to calculate match and build risk profiles for individual candidates
  • Access to set Targets (Culture, Strategy, Maturity etc.) and then assess teams and individuals match and readiness to meet them

But TalEction does not stop there, it also,

  • Let's you Simulate a Job Profile and see what kind of traits (personality, intelligence etc.) you should look for in a candidate (assisted selection and recruiting)
  • Access to create Projects for Recruitments, Assessments, Readiness, Change and Performance - select, analyse, simulate, follow-up and evaluate; both at macro level and down to groups, individuals and their traits. What we do different: we both analyse and evaluate.
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Customers, Partners

Microsoft, Partner
(CSP, MPN, Development)
Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Technology Partner
HR Tech Outlook
Nominated for "Top 10 Assessment Consulting/Service Companies in Europe 2020"
TRY apt
Try Apt, Product Partner
Cato Senteret
CatoSenteret, Customer & Research Partner
The Sales Factory
The Sales Factory, Customer and Sales Partner

Lanullva, Customer within Recruitment and Change

Sportsbransjeforeningen, Customer within Recruitment, Career Advice and Assessments

Yapril, Customer & Partner within Recruitment

Omhu, Customer within Recruitment and Assessments

Sammen om en Jobb (SAJO), Customer & Partner within Career Advice and Assessments

"It is well known that performance in complex tasks is dependent on multiple factors. Hence, improving only one skill or aspect related to your work performance, is not sufficient. Still, this is what most work performance interventions aim to do. A key strength of TalEction, is the wide range of exercises and training interventions, that address several critical aspects in the skill gap analysis of individual managers or employees"

Jan Egil Nordvik, CEO Catosenteret
"Our research into TalEction was positive and that is why we believe you would be an ideal organization to feature in one of our bespoke documentaries on "How Technology & A.I can be used to Recruit the Correct Talented Employee with Efficiency & Sustainability in Mind".

The 'Global Thought Leaders' documentary series – a new series of ground-breaking documentary films being broadcast on CBSNews.

Thought Leaders


I took all the tests, that was really fun - especially the fluid intelligence test!


I really liked the visual presentation of the results after a BIG-5 - simple and insightful!


You get your OCEAN profile in just a few minutes, that is interesting.

Who are We

TalEction is a small group of individuals who are "best-in-class" in their respective areas.

We each have more than 25 years of industry and topic specific experience and have been working on and fine-tuining the platform and algorithms for the last 4 years prior to launch.

Tom Strand
Entrepreneur and Human Capital Expert
Hans P. Dramstad
Entrepreneur and IT, Digitalization Expert
Rolf Marvin Bøe Lindgren
Data Scientist, Psychologist

How TalEction provides clarity, focus, and purpose

The TaLEction Learning and Collaboration platform gives's,

  • Clarity on your organizations foundational elements like maturity, leadership style, team roles, values etc. and how they are alligned with and effects the overall culture and strategy
  • Focus on what drives and effects your organization and strategic choices; what choices to make to drive the change in the direction you have envisioned
  • Purpose as to your organizational up's and down's and and what needs to be done to meet your ambitions: meet the targets and realize the vision
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Our approach to Information Management

TalEction takes information security to the next level,

  • Native GDPR Compliance is built into the foundation of the platform (not an afterthought): ownership, right to be forgotten, sharing and reason for use etc.
  • All information is Owned and Maintained by the Employees themselves, access is given only if they share it (give consent) and can at any time be rewoked (manually or timer based).
  • Encryption is applied throughout: in communication, in the business layer and in the database itself; leveraging the security features of the Azure platform.
  • Sharing is Mudularized meaning that the employee can pick and choose which elements they share and not - they can also share information Anonymized


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