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We define an Assessment to be a visuall representation of how one or more individuals cover a selected organizational model ex. Team Roles. Base on how the individual or team cover the model a plan will be put in place to change or increase that coverage.

Doing Assessments can be broken down into 3 steps,

  1. You start off by fueling up the Teams Digital Twins
  2. Then select the Job Model that is of particular interest ex. Team Role
  3. The question is how the team covers the team model and how that maps up against the organizations needs (baseline).
  4. Based on that a Development Plan should be put in place to align the group with the best-practice coverage
You should regularly Re-Run the assessments on the group (creates new milestones) to see if the development plan has had the desired effect (against baseline) and adjust accordingly.

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Screen shots from the Assessment functionality of the TalEction platform.

Assessment Users and BIG-5
Assessment Team Model (Model Selectioon)