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TalEction is a digital Collaboration and Learning Platform that enables you to take control of your Career.


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Products & Services

Below you can see an overview of all the product-areas that the platform covers, use this as a launchpad for your exploration of TalEction.

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Data Collection and Digital Twin

Fuel up your Digital Self (Twin) with our scientifically validated Data Collectors: scientifically validated tests, games for personality, core skills, intelligence etc.

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Smart CV and Awareness

Use your Digital Self (Twin) to create your Smart CV, Share freely and build Self/Contextual Awareness.

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Index: Do you have what it takes?

Take your Digital Self (Twin) and see how you measure up against the best founders or sales professionals in the market.

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Career Advice & Simulations

Use your Digital Self (Twin) and run Simulations to get advice on Career choices to make for success at work.

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Skills Training & Games

Use our games based, virtual, Skills Training program to explore and strengthen: Awareness, Core Skills, Cognitive Flexibility and Attention.

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Friends and Network Recruiting

Leverage the full extent of the platform to explore and detect dream jobs for your network of friends and relations. Make money doing it.

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The Challenges

In today's world, You are facing a number of Challenges in your Career: Hiring is broken - is unfair and biased. Building awareness on self is hard, difficult and costly. Existing tools are outdated, fragmented and not focused on YOU.

1 out of 3 Candidates fail in their new Job
8 out of 10 are not Aware of their own Potential
7 out of 10 are Unhappy in their current Job

TalEction is addressing these issues by placing YOU (as an individual) on center stage - and giving you the right tools to: Secure that you match expectations for the job. Make sure that you are aware of your potential - and the consequences. Safeguard that your job is a good match with your potential and aspirations.


What TalEction does different!

TalEction is a smart machine that will work with you as a virtual assistant when you: create your Digital Twin, take Tests and play Games, make Career choices and score yourself against the Index's.

The TalEction platform gives you,

  • Personality tests without the need for experts to analyse and guide you, you own the data and results - at no cost (Free)
  • Intelligence tests, Fluid and Crystallized, and associated analysis on how that relates to your potential and existing career choices - at no cost (Free)
  • A truly Digitized, Smart and Modular CV you can use and share as you see fit - at no cost (Free)

But TalEction does not stop there, it also,

  • Let's you take your Profile (personality, intelligence etc.) and analyse and Simulate what kind of team role is best fit for you, what kind of leadership style suits you best, what type of organization you would thrive in etc. - at no cost (Free)
  • Gives you access to current and future types of work (Jobs) and calculates a match score indicating the type of jobs you would thrive in
  • Provides access to Games that gives clarity on your preferences and strengths and let you train specific traits to unleash more of your potential
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Partners, Eco-System

Microsoft, Partner
(CSP, MPN, Development)
Stanford Research Institute, SRI
Technology Partner
HR Tech Outlook
Nominated for "Top 10 Assessment Consulting/Service Companies in Europe 2020"

"It is well known that performance in complex tasks is dependent on multiple factors. Hence, improving only one skill or aspect related to your work performance, is not sufficient. Still, this is what most work performance interventions aim to do. A key strength of TalEction, is the wide range of exercises and training interventions, that address several critical aspects in the skill gap analysis of individual managers or employees"

Jan Egil Nordvik, CEO Catosenteret
"Our research into TalEction was positive and that is why we believe you would be an ideal organization to feature in one of our bespoke documentaries on "How Technology & A.I can be used to Recruit the Correct Talented Employee with Efficiency & Sustainability in Mind".

The 'Global Thought Leaders' documentary series – a new series of ground-breaking documentary films being broadcast on CBSNews.

Thought Leaders


I took all the tests, that was really fun - especially the fluid intelligence test!


I really liked the visual presentation of the results after a BIG-5 - simple and insightful!


You get your OCEAN profile in just a few minutes, that is interesting.

Who are We

TalEction is a small group of individuals who are "best-in-class" in their respective areas.

We each have more than 25 years of industry and topic specific experience and have been working on and fine-tuining the platform and algorithms for the last 4 years prior to launch.

Tom Strand
Entrepreneur and Human Capital & Digitalization Expert
Hans P. Dramstad
Entrepreneur and IT, Digitalization Expert
Rolf Marvin Bøe Lindgren
Data Scientist, Psychologist

How TalEction provides clarity, focus, and purpose

The TaLEction Learning and Collaboration platform gives's,

  • Clarity on your foundational elements like personality, intelligence, work experience pattern and how that effects your current and future potential
  • Focus on what drives and effects your career, professional and personal choices; what choices to make to drive the career in the direction you want
  • Purpose as to your career up's and down's and and what needs to be done to meet your ambitions: land your next dream job
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Our approach to Information Management

TalEction takes information security to the next level,

  • Native GDPR Compliance is built into the foundation of the platform (not an afterthought): ownership, right to be forgotten, sharing and reason for use etc.
  • All information is Owned and Maintained by YOU (for your eyes only), access is given only if YOU share it (give consent) and can at any time be rewoked (manually or timer based).
  • Encryption is applied throughout: in communication, in the business layer and in the database itself; leveraging the security features of the Azure platform.
  • Sharing is Mudularized meaning that you can pick and choose which elements you share and not - you can also share information Anonymized


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