Pricing Model

TalEction contains a number of product-categories: Surveys, Tests, Assessments, Projects (recruitment, readiness, assessment), Simulations, Person and Job Profile (Digital Twins). These categories are bundled into two type of subscriptions: Standard User and Account.

Standard User

A standard user subscription is made for individuals to access the TalEction universe and contains the following product categories,

  • User Profile (Digital Twin) building, display and sharing
  • Tests, Games and Assessments, recommendations generation and using outcome to populate Digital Twin
  • Simulations of different types like Job Simulations and Trends Simulations
  • Indexes for Founder and Sales
  • Read Only Access to Projects and Job Profiles
  • Applications for Jobs, apply, follow up and manage
  • Misc Functionality: Groups, Invitations, GDPR functionality (self admin, clear and extract etc.)

This subscription is FREE (Gratis), but contain opt-ins that allow the user access to more advanced products.



An account subscription is made for companies, firms to access the TalEction universe and contain the following product categories,

  • All Products as given in Standard User subscription is included for the individuals associated with the account
  • Full access to Projects (different levels): Creating and Running Recruitments, Assessments and Readiness projects
  • Full access to Job Profiles (Digital Twin) and Surveys and Wizards to populate them
  • Accounts administration and maintenance - including associated users

This subscription type is for paying users and has several cost levels - see model below.

Standard User

Individual users, see Standard User above.

Basic Web Support.
Account Basic

Up to 3 account-users* and 8 Projects (of type Basic**)

Basic Web Support + Mail.
Account Advanced

Up to 12 account-users* and 32 Projects (of any type)

Web Support + Mail.
Account Unlimited

Unlimited account-users* and Unlimited Projects (of any type)

Priority Web Support + Mail.

* Account-Users: Users linked to the subscription with access to account functionality (see above); Standard Users linked to subscription does not count - they are Free.
** Project type Basic: Able to run Recruitment projects, but no access to Match calculations and Tools, Algorithms (no Readiness nor Assessments).

1 Project = 1 Recruitment Process i.e. 1 Job Profile with 10's or 100's of applicants; a project can also be of type assessment and readiness (in addition to recruitment).

We have special pricing models for portfolio companies, investment networks (companies) and accelerators: Model based on # companies in portfolio; call for details.

What Subscription do I need if...

I just want to take a personality test and be able to share the results.
You would need a Standard User Subscription - it is Free (no cost).

I want to build a Smart CV (Digital Twin), run simulations and use it to apply for jobs.
You would need a Standard User Subscription - it is Free (no cost).

I want to run recruitment processes with simulations, risk profile and recommendations.
You would need one of the 3 Account Subscriptions, which one depends on the number of Recruitment processes you expect to run on a yearly basis; 1 Recruitment Process = 1 Project.

I want a subscription for my company - we are 120 employees, and I want 6 users to do assessments and run recruitment process (probably 25 pr. year).
You would need an Account Advanced Subscription; you can have up to 12 users and run up to 32 recruitment processes. The 120 employees are Standard Users and are for free.

I want a subscription for my company - we are 9.000 employees, and I would need 60-70 users to do assessments and run recruitment process (more than 300 pr. year).
You would need an Account Unlimited Subscription; contact us for details.