A digital platform for building Talent Pools - start with Friends-/Crowd Recruiting

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Your End-to-End Friends (Crowd) Recruiting Platform with Data Collectors, Smart-CV, Analytic Search and Group functionality.

Invite in your friends and relations - create Groups and use our Sharing Mechanisms to present your Talent portfolio to Companies that are searching for top talent.


Cost - All Free


Data Collectors (Tests, Games)


Controlled and Driven by You


Years of Research

Friends Recruiting is done through the use of Digital Twins and a world class library of Aptitude Tests and Neuor-Science based Games.
Friends Recruiting
  Why not help your network get their dream jobs and make money doing it!
Invite your Friends, Network, Relations to the TalEction platform - build your Talent Pool.
Assign Tasks using Data Collectors like Tests, Games, Surveys etc. to build Digital Twins.
Use the "Magic Machine" with AI Algorithms, Analytics and Recycling Tools to Identify the individuals Potentials.
Leverage your Relations to Companies and Business to present your Portfolio of Talent.

How can I get started with Friends Recruiting (Talent Pools)  

With a standard TalEction User you - and your network - will have access to all the tools needed to identify, promote and sell talents and their skills in the market; and it is all Free.

1. Create a User: Create a user by clicking on "Create User" below.
2. Invite Friends and Relations: Invite friends and people in your network to use TalEction.
3. Assign Tasks: Ask you friends to do assessments, play games and measure their skills - build their Digital Twin and Smart CV.
4. Coach and Build Awareness: Use Simulations and Wizards to strengthen own and contextual awareness.
5. Identify Opportunities & Companies: Match market opportunities with the talents in your pool.
6. Present Talent, Close and Cash In*: Present the optimimal set of Talent - close a deal and get paid.

Friends Recruiting

At any given moment you can migrate seamlessly to a full blown recruitment service offering - create an Account (payable) and start using TalEction AI Recruitment.

* If you do not have a company you can invoice through, no problem, use our partner Cool Company. They will take care of everything, you will get your money within 24 hours; services depends on country you are in - see web site for details: https://coolcompany.com/.

Do you want to see how this works in real life: Start Now.

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See a 6 minutes Demo of Friends Recruiting functionality.

Screen shots from the Friends Recruiting functionality of the TalEction platform.
BIG-5, OCEAN Personality Profile
Cognitive Flexibility Game
Share your Profile with AnyOne
Promote your skills with Smart CV