Get your very own Virtual Career Coach!

TalEction offers you a number of career advisory services based on your populated profile and our smart algorithms.
Base on your profile, TalEction is able to tell you in what type (or part) of organization you are likely to succeed (maturity, team role, leadership style etc), what job categories you should prioritize, what type of job best matches your personality pattern and how you align with future trends and changes in the labor market.

Take tests, surveys and play your way to a populated personal profile and let the system do the rest.
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What is a Career Advice & Restructuring?

Career Services are enabled based on a fully populated personal profile, and will act as a virtual advisor for your personal and career development.

What do you get from Career Advice,

  • Advice on Type of Organization and Role is a best fit for you ex. what team role, leadership style, organizational maturity or culture, strategy etc.
  • Advice on what type of Job would be best suited for your intelligence and personality patterns.
  • Advice on how you Match up with Future Trends in the labor market and Industry 4.0 as defined by the World Economic Forum