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TalEction offers you a number of Career Advisory Services based on your Digital Twin (Smart CV) and our smart algorithms.
Base on your profile, TalEction is able to tell you in what type (or part) of organization you are likely to succeed (maturity, team role, leadership style etc), what job categories you should prioritize, what type of job best matches your personality pattern and how you align with future trends and changes in the labor market.
Career Advice

Enable your own virtual career coach by,
  1. Creating a User: Why not create a user now, see below.
  2. Use Collectors: There are a number of different collectors that can be used to fuel your digital twin - like wizards, tests, games, surveys etc.
  3. Run Simulations: Run the simulation services to see what type of organization structure fit you well, whet type of culture you would thrive in and what type of jobs you should seek out.
  4. Use our Wizard as your Coach: Open up the Advisory services and see what kind of advice you could get from our Wizard.
With TalEction you have full control of all your data and can at any point share parts or all of your Digital Twin with friends, colleagues, mentors, manager etc.

Or if you want to create a user and see how it works in real life: Start Now.

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