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Your End-to-End Career Advisory Platform with Simulations, Indexes and Wizards.

Take control of your own career - based on your Digital Twin, get Insight through Simulation and Wizards. Together, we can build a path to the career of your dreams.


Cost - All Free


Different Training Tools


Different Exercises


Different Work Stations

You can train the way you want, alone or with others in group (anonymous or by name); it is open for you anytime and anywhere.

How can I get access to my own virtual training sessions,
  1. Create User: Create a user by clicking on "Create User" below.

  2. Play Games and take Tests: Play with our 20+ neuro-science based games and play around with our intelligence and personality tests (Awareness and Exec. Function).
  3. Strengthen your Presense: Take our Cogntivive Flexibility survey and work with Mindfulness to strengthen Flexibility and Focus.
  4. Work on Behaviour: Use our Awareness, Wizard and Simulation capabilities to get feedback on your behaviour and align with your core values.
  5. Share & Align: Train on being exposed to others - share & align; Relaxation & Feedback.

Skills Training

The Virtual Training Studio has the following stations,

  • Warm Up: Self & Job Awareness Training - create deeper awareness of the demands of employers and employees in the future.
  • Game Playing: Executive Functioning and training of cognitive processes such as attentional control, cognitive inhibition, inhibitory control, working memory and cognitive flexibility; done through playing games.
  • Stretching: Self-training to create an outside-in view (you as observer of yourself) and being aligned with your own values - cognitive flexibility and Deal with Fear.
  • Mindfulness: Training on focalization and attention (you as self in present time); not part of TalEction - see on web or a number of apps in Google and Apple store).
  • Rewiring, Class: Training on being exposed to others and creating common values (being aligned with team-members); on the platform though Simulations and Wizard services.
  • Executive Functioning: Relaxation and Feedback: Interpret Results, Data-driven, Feedback, Reflection; on the platform though Simulations and Wizard services.

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Do you want to learn to "fight" fear with your personal values? Do you want to master stress in extreme difficult situations? Do you want to strengthen your resilience (being creative, flexible and enduring at the same time)? Do you want to improve your job-and self awareness for the future and be more competitive?

Combine our platform with Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) - contact us for more details.
Screen shots from the Career Advisory functionality of the TalEction platform.

Awareness of own Personality Traits (BIG-5)
Cognitive Flexibility Assessment, ACT