Market & Technology Trends

Which once of the Market and Technology Meta Trends will impact the Recruitment (Talent Selection) segment the most and how is that worked into the TalEction platform?

1)Self-service solution and AI driven selection.
KEYWORDS: Self Management, Job-Matching, Deeper Learning.

2)Hire beyond the borders of own industry to find talents with transferable skills.
KEYWORDS: Working Experience Pattern, Learning Agility.

3)Hire with data to avoid biases; halo effects, heuristics etc. Hire anonymous and measure cultural fit, personality fit etc. Enrich the hiring with interview to keep the human aspect intact.
KEYWORDS: Factual, Fairness, Democratic.

4)Continue to focus on diversity and inclusion.
KEYWORDS: Profitable, Employee Engagement, Culture Awareness

5)Look for culture-driven people, who want more than just a paycheck. Create awareness around culture and meaning.
KEYWORDS: Purpose, Sustainable, Long-Term.

6)Generation Z is now entering the workplaces. Be aware of their: smartphone, digital adaption, gamification, short attention span, video-attraction, health, wellness and growth, when developing recruitment strategy.
KEYWORDS: Digital Natives, Personalization, Digital Connected.

7)General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) think how you can protect their data; secure their rights to be forgotten.
KEYWORDS: Data Security, Privacy, Ownership.

8)Hiring people with future-proof skills. Think of complex problem-solving, critical thinking, cognitive flexibility. But, get more attention to people’s soft skills (empathy, assertiveness, curiosity, sense of urgency, grit). Soft skills are personality-driven and they are what makes the difference between a good and a great candidate. After all, hard (tangible and technical) skills usually can be taught, while teaching someone how to show empathy is almost impossible. Robots can easily copy hard skills, but it is difficult to copy soft skills.
KEYWORDS: Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Trainable, Robots.

9)Explore the use of Block-Chain capabilities to control data distribution.
KEYWORDS: Central Control, Decentralized Privacy, Digital Ledger.