Create your very own Digital Twin (Smart CV)?

TalEction offers you the possibility to build, collect and populate a computer (digital) image of who you are.
You build, take tests and surveys, you play games and then you let the algorithms do the rest.

The Digital Twin is the key that will unlock a number of services at TalEction that will act as a advisor in your personal or career development.
Why not start today and build your very own Digital Twin.

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What is a Digital Twin!

TalEction Digital Twin is digital (computer, numeric) representation of who you are: Career, Education, Personality, Intelligence, Behavioral Preferences, Value Set etc. You decide which aspects to populate and how to use them.

What do you get from building a Digital Twin,

  • A Digital Representation of you is populated based on tests, surveys, games and advanced algorithms - at no cost (Free)
  • The Twin is for your eyes only but can at any time be shared by you as you want (anonymous, selected elements, who to share with, how long to share etc.) - at no cost (Free)
  • The Digital Twin is the Key to a host of advanced functionality: personal development, career advice, job simulations, trend simulations etc. - at no cost (Free)