The Future of Recruiting is through Referrals and Networking

TalEction is developing a set of tools and services that will allow you to act as a freelance recruitment agent for your network and friends.
Invite your connections into TalEction to build a pool of profiles and match that up with jobs and opportunities in the market.

Hiring through referral networks is the way of the future - both to get the best matched candidate for a job but also to help your relationships get their dream careers.

And why not make some money doing it!

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What is a Friends-/Crowd Recruiting?

Crowd Recruiting is about leveraging your community, social and professional networks and make that your referral network.

What do you get from Friends-/Crowd Recruiting,

  • The possibility to build a Pool of Profiles by inviting your network of connections into TalEction
  • The possibility to build a Pool of Job Profiles and Offers that you can use to match your profiles with their dream carers and job opportunities
  • The full extent of the TalEction Platform to succeed as a recruitment freelancer and make some money in the process